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Family Owned

Frey Farms is headquartered in rural Wayne County northeast of Mt. Vernon, IL. Since 1996 we have grown to meet the demands of our customers by becoming geographically diverse with our production, using improved seed varieties, and developing our in-house transportation department to provide freight services for all of our products.

We specialize in the growing, packing, and shipping of fresh market produce including cantaloupes and watermelons, but we are best known as the nation’s top producer of Jack O Lantern pumpkins.

Our farms and facilities are strategically located in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, West Virginia, and Illinois.

In addition to traditional produce items, we offer a diverse group of home décor products through our SarahMarieStyles division. This includes scented and painted pine cones, straw bales, seasonal wreaths, potpourri, and much more.